Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Illusive Aspect of Movement.

Michael Whynot. Red chalk.

Michelangelo. Study for Hamen.

Here is a drawing done yesterday from imagination. I was trying to capture a sense of movement in the figure. This can be done with a live model, if you are very good at quick gestures, or with the use of supports for your model such as a rope or chair. But this is an area of drawing where the imagination shines. Literally, any pose you can imagine, can be drawn. Still, movement is difficult to depict (as it is when working from a live model). Stiffness always wants to creep in; overworking such a drawing can kill it. Often, any looseness you admired in your initial drawing disappears as you render. Less may be more in this instance.

Michelangelo called his sculpture viva - living. And this aspect can be seen in his drawings and paintings, as well. He strove for this sense of life; he considered this movement as one of the cornerstones of his art.

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