Saturday, 20 April 2013

Female Torso Study: Deja vu.

Michael Whynot. Female Torso Study, 2013. Red chalk.

The figure study above was done this morning from a photograph in half an hour. I don't often work from photos due to their lack of depth and dimensionality, but this pose intrigued me. I was struck by the wonderful "C" curve flowing through the head and torso, surprisingly similar to the male torso in motion I drew from imagination in my previous post. Even the positioning of the arms was reminiscent of the male pose, although I had envisioned the light source coming from the left, instead of the right.

When you begin to understand the human form, imagination can replace photos, although it should never replace drawing from nature. As I said before, the artist must balance nature and imagination if they are to become well rounded.

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